May 28, 2003
Welcome to the Sturge-Weber Community
G. Ethington
Saturday May 24, 2003 18:18:54

This is the very first edition of the Sturge-Weber Community site Newsletter. We hope you enjoy this monthly feature.

We are planning to add new areas to our web site, so be sure to check back at the site periodically. The site was founded as a meeting place for families and individuals affected by Sturge-Weber Syndrome(SWS.) Membership is free, and anyone interested in SWS can join our Community.

If you would like to contribute a story or any other type of article, please contact us. Also, you can submit a story or article by clicking on the "Newsletter" link at our web site.
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Sturge-Weber Community Talk Support Group
G. Ethington
Wednesday May 28, 2003 14:27:12

We have established a new Yahoo Support Group for the SWC. The group is listed as swctalkcommunity in the Yahoo Groups listing. To be added to the group, go to and enroll. You can also use the link to Yahoo by clicking on the "Contact" link at our web site. There you will find the link to join the group.

While our Community is very small at this time, we hope to build a network of help and support. Our plan is to establish a Community where families, friends, individuals with SWS, doctors, clinics and companies can come together to provide assistance and information to the benefit of all.We welcome all ideas and suggestions. Please join our Community.

Spread the Word
G. Ethington
Wednesday May 28, 2003 19:25:20

We need to get the word out about our new Community. Please feel free to let all your friends and family know about the SWC. Also, we would like to add information in the "Doctors" Category on our Home Page. Please contact your doctor (and any others in your area) and seek their permission to include their information on our web site. We also need links to add to our "Links" section, so let us know your about favorite web sites. Also, if you know of anyone who would like to include us in their own link section, please ask them to add our URL. Please direct all information gathered, or any questions to

Thanks for all your help in making this site a success.

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